Handmade Glass Shelves for Your Home or Business in Dallas or Fort Worth, Texas, or one of the Nearby DFW Suburbs

Glass Shelves Dallas TX | Fort Worth | DFWWith custom glass shelves, any space can go from ordinary to extraordinary – and if you’re located in Dallas or Fort Worth, Texas, or one of the nearby DFW suburbs, Designer Glass Specialties would be happy to create a one-of-a-kind shelving unit for your home or business. We can replace the bland, uninspired wood shelves in your kitchen pantry, bedroom closet, or even your restaurant or bar with customized glass ones, or we can create a brand new suspended glass shelving system if you’d like to go with a more contemporary look altogether.

We put an extraordinary amount of work into our glass shelves to ensure that they’re as functional as they are gorgeous. Our glass shelving units can be:

  • Made in various sizes and thicknesses to accommodate the weight of the items you plan to store on them, whether that’s something as light as a bathroom soap set or as heavy as a collection of liquor bottles and mixers.
  • Safety tempered for increased durability to help safeguard against shattering
  • Professionally installed by our team to ensure that the glass shelves in your Dallas, Fort Worth, or DFW home won’t accidentally come undone

What’s more, your glass shelves can be made with any type of textured glass you have in mind – whether that’s our proprietary moon glass, our hand-laid slumped glass, or our strikingly colored stained glass. Every project is done to order, so it’s sure to be a perfect complement for the unique aesthetic of your home.

If you’d like to talk to one of our designers about commissioning a set of custom glass shelves, just call (817) 284-6362. We proudly serve the entire DFW Metro area, from Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, to all of the surrounding neighborhoods.