Stylish Semi Frameless Shower Doors Created for Homeowners in Dallas, Fort Worth, TX & All Nearby DFW Metro Area Communities

Semi Frameless Shower Doors Dallas TX | Fort Worth | DFWThe gorgeous semi frameless shower doors created by the artisans at Designer Glass Specialties can add a dimension of sleek, stylish beauty to any bathroom. If you’ve considered upgrading the shower of your home in Dallas, Fort Worth, or any nearby Texas community, our team of professionals can provide you with the products you’re looking for. In fact, we’ll create custom shower doors for your home, tailoring their look and design to suit your preferences and tastes for a truly unique result.

When you meet without our designers, you’ll be able to specify every aspect of your new showers doors, including:

  • Glass texture – Our team can use sandblasting and etching to create beautiful textures and custom patterns in your glass doors, and can even adjust the doors’ opacity to suit your desired level of privacy.
  • Frame style – Our semi frameless doors are a perfect mix of long lasting durability and contemporary style, although you can choose to add or remove frame elements for a more robust or more pared-down look.
  • Color – Designer Glass artisans can infuse your glass shower doors with beautiful hues, using stained and/or leaded glass to create the ideal look for your bathroom.

Best of all, once you’ve finished customizing a glass door design for your home in Dallas or Forth Worth, you can expect great results fast. Since we’re a local DFW Metro area studio, we can typically have your glass shower doors completed and delivered to you within a week of your final design approval. What’s more, our team will personally install your new doors to ensure that they are fitted properly to stand the test of time.

To learn more about the semi frameless shower doors we create and install for homeowners in Dallas, Fort Worth, TX, and all nearby DFW Metro area communities.