Lighted Countertops Can Provide Added Flair to Your Home or Business in Fort Worth, TX

Lighted Countertops Fort Worth TXDesigner Glass Specialties is a local glassworking studio that can make stunning lighted countertops for your business or home in Fort Worth, Texas. Our lead glassworking artisan has over 30 years of on-the-job experience, and our team can create almost any kind of glass surface imaginable. Our countertops are also made of shatter-resistant glass that can withstand years of continual use while still looking great. What’s more, since we design each piece to your exact specifications and size it to fit your available space, our lighted countertops are immensely versatile and can be added to almost any space in your home or establishment.

Furthermore, all of the lighted countertops we make in Fort Worth, TX, feature embedded LED lights, which are both long-lasting and optimally energy-efficient. In addition to being able to choose the color and brightness of the lights in your countertops, you’ll also be able to select from various other options, including:

  • Textured surfaces, which we can create using our slumped or moon glass laying techniques
  • A “shattered” inner core design with a cracked glass appearance but a smooth exterior
  • Custom width and thickness variations
  • Unique custom countertop shapes to complement a design or theme
  • And more

Even if you aren’t positive about which of these options you’d like for your countertops, our team of in-house designers will work with you to help you select the best options for your needs.

To learn more about the unique lighted countertops we craft and how you can purchase them for your home or business in Fort Worth, TX, contact Designer Glass Specialties today.