Leaded Glass Windows Available for Homes in Dallas & Fort Worth, TX & All Surrounding DFW Metroplex Communities

Leaded Glass Windows Dallas TX | Fort Worth | DFW The leaded glass windows provided by Designer Glass Specialties – now serving Dallas, Fort Worth, and all neighboring Texas communities in the DFW Metro area – can help to maximize the interior and exterior appeal of your home. Lead glass is any variety of glass in which trace amounts of lead replace the typical calcium used in glass. The presence of this heavy element, while safe, does produce glass that has a higher refractive index, which means that it produces a brilliant, sparkling effect that regular glass cannot duplicate.

At Designer Glass Specialties, we’re proud to offer leaded glass windows in a variety of designs, and we’ll custom-fit and create your windows to suit your needs. We’ll fit our glass panes to work with any window frame, and artfully tailor their design to suit your specific preferences. We can use a number of glassworking techniques to take advantage of leaded glass’s natural beauty, including:

  • Sandblasting – We can sandblast customized designs onto the leaded glass, including insignias or logos, monograms, or any decorative pattern that you’d like.
  • Etching – We can etch intricate designs and patterns of your choice into the glass to maximize light interplay and aesthetic appeal.
  • Staining – If you so choose, we can even make stained glass panes in any color or combination of colors that you wish.
  • And more

For additional information about the leaded glass windows we provide to homeowners in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, contact Designer Glass Specialties today at (817) 284 – 6362.