Glass Walls for Your Home or Business in the DFW Metroplex, Including Dallas and Fort Worth, TX

Glass Walls Dallas TX | Fort Worth | DFW Glass walls make a stunning addition to any property, whether that’s a Dallas, TX, home, a Fort Worth cocktail bar, or a retail space elsewhere in the DFW metro area. At Designer Glass Specialties, we’ll be happy to create a one-of-a-kind glass room divider for your residential or commercial application.

Why opt for glass walls over a traditional drywall partition or stand-alone room divider?

  • The sleek, modern style adds a trendy feel to any space.
  • The opaque design allow you to see through to the other room, allowing for a bright and open feel, while still helping to designate separate spaces for various uses.
  • The customization options are all but endless – choose from etched glass, stained glass, sandblasted glass, or even our proprietary moon glass to create any desired aesthetic. Additionally, you can choose from full glass walls or partial walls that go midway to the ceiling.

We’ve been serving the DFW metro area since 2012, and have completed numerous projects for customers in the various neighborhoods of Dallas and Fort Worth. We’ll first visit your space to help you determine the best way to integrate one of our custom glass pieces, and then craft it by hand in our local glassworking facility. We’ll also handle delivery and installation, so the only thing you’ll have to worry about is how you’ll invite your friends and family over to see your new addition.

If you’re interested in commissioning a set of glass walls for your Dallas or Fort Worth, TX, home or business, contact Designer Glass Specialties today. We’ll set up an on-site consultation at your DFW metro area property.