Order a Custom Glass Table Top for Your Home or Business in Dallas, TX or Any Nearby Area

Glass Table Top Dallas TXA stunning glass table top can be a dramatic and stylish addition to any home or business in the Dallas, TX, area, whether it’s used as a lighted bar, the centerpiece of a dining room, or a kitchen counter perfect for hosting friends and family. Fortunately, no matter what type of table top you’re looking for, the professionals at Designer Glass Specialties can help. Our team of in-house designers and craftsmen will work with you to create a design that ideally complements your interior design aesthetic and conforms to your stylistic preferences.

To this end, our professionals can create a glass table top out of various glass types, including:

  • Etched or sandblasted glass, which allow us to engrave any design, logo, or monogram into your table top that you would like
  • Stained glass, which adds both color and character to any table top
  • Slumped or moon glass, both of which are made with hand-laid layers to create unique textured finishes
  • And more

Our team also has an eye on safety, so we’ll temper your new table top to ensure that it will stand up the rigors of daily use, and can add other optional features like beveled edges or rounded edges for superior style and safety. What’s more, since we’re a locally owned studio, we can often have your completed table tops delivered to within a short time frame, sometimes in as little as a week after your final approval date.

To learn more about why a custom-made glass table top from our skilled team might be the perfect addition to your home or business in the Dallas, TX, area, contact Designer Glass Specialties today.