Glass Shower Design and Installation for Homes in Dallas, TX & Surrounding Areas

Glass Shower Dallas TXA custom glass shower designed and created by Designer Glass Specialties can dramatically improve the look of a bathroom in your Dallas, Texas, home. Our team of in-house designers and craftsmen will work with you to create a beautiful finished product that is not only highly functional, but completely unique to your home. That’s because our team will not only create your glass shower specifically for you, but will do so by hand at our local facility, ensuring that your product is unlike any other.

What’s more, you’ll have complete creative control over the design of your glass shower, allowing you to personalize it to your tastes. Our most popular options in Dallas, TX, include:

  • Stained glass, which can be personalized with a wide range of colors
  • Lead glass, which contains trace amounts of lead for added reflectivity
  • Sandblasted glass, which can be made to your desired opacity and level of privacy
  • Moon glass, which is hand-laid to create eye-catching patterns and textures

We can also make glass showers in frameless and semi-frameless varieties, allowing you to further customize your shower design. And, if you’re building a home and are a contractor or interior designer, we can coordinate with you much like we would a homeowner to ensure that the new glass shower looks great and is installed properly.

To learn more about the glass showers we design and craft for homes in Dallas, TX, contact Designer Glass Specialties today.