Glass Shelving Designed for Homes and Businesses in Dallas, Fort Worth, TX & Nearby DFW Communities

Glass Shelving Dallas TX | Fort Worth | DFWThe elegant glass shelving created by Designer Glass in the DFW Metro area can help to add functional storage and visual appeal to any home or business in the DFW Metro Area. Whether you are located in Dallas, Fort Worth, or any nearby Texas community, our artisan glassworking studio is ready and willing to serve you. We can create glass shelving in any size, and can provide enough shelves to meet your needs, whether you need one for your home’s living room or enough to outfit an entire restaurant.

What’s more, all of our glass shelving pieces are handcrafted by our skilled glassworkers, and will be made to order specifically for you. When you order glass panes from us in the Dallas or Fort Worth area, you’ll be able to consult at length with our in-house design team, who will work diligently to capture your vision and ensure that every detail is exactly as you imagined it. We can customize your glass shelves with:

  • Frosted or sandblasted glass textures for unique patterns or designs
  • Stained glass hues of your choosing for splashes of color
  • Varying levels of thickness to accommodate the weight of the items your plan to store
  • Various attachment options, including floating shelves that look like they are suspended in midair
  • And more

To get additional information about our glass shelving options or to place an order, contact Designer Glass Specialties today. We proudly serve home and business owners in Dallas, Fort Worth, TX, and all surrounding DFW Metro communities.