Glass Kitchen Countertops for Homes in Dallas, Fort Worth, TX & Nearby DFW Metro Area Communities

Glass Kitchen Countertops Dallas TX | Fort Worth | DFWThe glass kitchen countertops designed and crafted by Designer Glass Specialties are ideal for homeowners in the Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, area that want to add an appealing and modern accent to their kitchens. Our glass countertops are made of thick, sturdy glass that can stand up to repeated use without scratching or looking worse for wear, and can be customized according to your wishes to fit almost any application. And, since we hand-craft our countertops in our local DFW Metro area studio, we can often have them delivered and installed in your home in as little as a week.

When you turn to us for glass kitchen countertops in Dallas or Fort Worth, TX, you’ll also be able to choose from an immense range of options. Our countertops are not only functional, but also displays of glass artistry, and can be made in any way that you see fit. We can create countertops with:

  • Colored paint applied to the bottom, or stained with an integral hue
  • Built in LED-lights for nighttime illumination
  • Beautiful sandblasted and etched textures, as well as our hand-laid moon glass surface
  • A “shattered” inner core that creates a cracked glass appearance but has a smooth, solid surface
  • A combination of any of the above

For additional information about the glass kitchen countertops we create for homeowners in Dallas, Fort Worth, and other communities in the DFW Metro area, contact Designer Glass Specialties by filling out the form on this website or reaching out to us at (817) 284-6362.