Frosted Glass Doors, Showers, Cabinets, and More by Designer Glass Specialties, a Local Artisan Serving Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, as well as Other DFW Neighborhoods

Frosted Glass Dallas TX | Fort Worth | DFWFor one-of-a-kind frosted glass applications, customers in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas can turn to Designer Glass Specialties. We’re capable of creating unique glass doors, showers, mirrors, bar counters, and other products for homes and businesses throughout the DFW metro area; we’d be honored to help you transform your space as well.

When you commission a custom project through Designer Glass Specialties, you’ll be guided through a detail-oriented design process, in which our team will:

  • Visit your Dallas, Fort Worth, or DFW property and assess the space where you’d like to have your frosted glass application installed
  • Take precise measurements, if the project you’re considering requires a special fit (for instance, replacing your ordinary windows with opaque frosted ones)
  • Discuss your personal interior design preferences and the ambiance you’d like to create in your space
  • Make a list of any special features that you’d like us to incorporate into your frosted glass application

From there, we’ll send you a design plan to help you visualize what the end result will look like. Once you’re comfortable with the design, we’ll make your frosted glass application from scratch right here in our local glassworking facility. The majority of our projects are completed within just five to seven days from the time the design is approved, although special orders may require additional production time. You can contact us at any time during the process for updates or to get answers for any questions that arise.

For more additional information about our frosted glass doors, showers, windows, cabinet inserts, or any of our other hand-crafted applications, contact Designer Glass Specialties today. We proudly serve Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, and the nearby DFW suburbs.