Frosted Glass Doors Available for Homeowners in Dallas, Fort Worth, TX & Nearby Areas

Frosted Glass Doors Dallas TX | Fort Worth | DFWAt Designer Glass Specialties, our frosted glass doors are an attractive option for homeowners in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, that want to add both privacy and an appealing accent to their homes. No matter what type of glass door you want, our team of designers and glassworking artisans will work with you to create a design that fits perfectly with your home and is ideally in line with your tastes. We’ll size the door to suit your intended space, whether it’s part of a glass shower enclosure or an insert for your home’s entrance doors. Our skill at sandblasting and glass etching means that you’ll even be able to choose what kind of frosting pattern you want, ranging from the texture that we use to how opaque or translucent the glass pane is.

We also offer various styles of frosted glass doors, which differ in the ways they are made and result in different styles and appearances. Our options in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, include:

  • Moon glass – A glass style invented by our studio, this elegant textured pattern makes a stunning addition to any home.
  • Etched glass – We can etch complex patterns into your glass to create a frosted look, or simply include custom-designed logos or monograms into the frosted design.
  • Sandblasted glass – Our sandblasted glass options provide a simple but striking dappled pattern that is ideal for increasing or decreasing levels of opacity in the glass pane.

To learn more about the frosted glass doors we create and install for homeowners in Dallas, Fort Worth, TX, and other DFW Metroplex communities, contact Designer Glass Specialties today.