Elegant Frameless Shower Glass Custom-Designed for Your Home in Dallas, Fort Worth, TX or Any Other DFW Metro Area Community

Frameless Shower Glass Dallas TX | Fort Worth | DFWFor beautiful frameless shower glass panes made specifically for your home, residents of Dallas, Fort Worth, and other Texas communities in the DFW Metro area can turn to Designer Glass Specialties. Our skilled glassworkers and in-house designers will visit your home at a time of your choosing and inspect your existing shower enclosure, measuring the space to get the ideal dimensions for your new shower glass. Once we’ve sized your glass panes, our team will then confer with you about tailoring your glass design to your preferences.

Our team can create frameless shower glass for your home out of:

  • Slumped glass, which is hand-laid in a number of custom patterns for a unique texture and stylishly modern appearance
  • Sandblasted glass, which can be made to your desired level of opacity for optimum privacy
  • Stained glass, which can be personalized with one or more colors to personalize your shower doors
  • And more

In addition to these various glass types, our team can also etch any patterns, designs, logos, or even custom monograms into your glass shower, allowing you to purchase a truly personalized piece of functional artwork. And, since we’re located right in the Dallas and Fort Worth Metro area, we can typically have your shower doors completed, delivered, and installed in your home within a week of your final design approval.

For additional information about the frameless shower glass designs that we create for homeowners and contractors throughout Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, contact Designer Glass Specialties today.