Frameless Shower Enclosures Constructed and Installed for Homes in Fort Worth, TX

Frameless Shower Enclosures Fort Worth TXThe frameless shower enclosures created by Designer Glass Specialties for homeowners in the Fort Worth, Texas, area can add modern beauty to any bathroom great or small. We can create a custom shower enclosure with minimal to no hardware for elegant, clean lines, and then install it in your bathroom. In order to make sure that you get exactly the shower you’re looking for, our in-house designers will consult with you at length, and we’ll then build your shower after we’ve taken precise measurements of your space and learned all about your preferences and requests.

And, when it comes to frameless shower enclosures created by Designer Glass, you can also rest easy knowing that almost no request is too big. We can create showers out of various glass varieties when you turn to us in Fort Worth, TX, including:

  • Slumped glass – This hand-laid glass style can produce various attractive textures, and we can also use Moon glass, a beautiful slumped glass variant that was invented by our glassworking studio.
  • Etched glass – Our team can etch any custom designs or monograms that you wish into your shower doors for even further personalization.
  • Sandblasted glass – For greater opacity and privacy, we can use fine-grained sand to gently blast your glass enclosure and create the appropriate texture.
  • Stained glass – We can lightly stain your glass in any hue of your choosing, even matching it to the color scheme of your bathroom.

For more information about our frameless shower enclosures and how they can add modern style to your home in Fort Worth, TX, contact Designer Glass Specialties today.