Frameless Glass Shower Doors for Your Home in Dallas or Fort Worth, Texas, or One of the Nearby DFW Suburbs

Frameless Glass Shower Doors Dallas TX | Fort Worth | DFWDesigner Glass Specialties can build frameless glass shower doors to your exact specifications, then install them in your home in Dallas or Fort Worth, TX, or one of the suburbs in the DFW metro area. Our artisan glassworkers will visit your home and take precise measurements of your existing shower enclosure, and then sit down with you to discuss the various types of glass available for your project. For instance, we can make your shower doors from:

  • Sandblasted glass, which can be made in varying degrees of opacity to help you achieve your desired level of privacy
  • Slumped glass or moon glass, which can be hand-laid in a number of custom patterns and textures for a unique, contemporary appearance
  • Stained or leaded glass, which can be personalized with striking colors and images to turn your shower into an extraordinary work of art

While we specialize in frameless shower doors for homes in Dallas, Fort Worth, and other DFW neighborhoods, we can also make semi-frameless units as well. Every one of our custom glass creations are made to order, and always built to suit the customer’s preferences and needs. We take the time to take exact measurements and cut our glass to fit an existing opening, making it incredibly simple to replace your existing shower surround with a modern glass replacement. We also make shower doors for new construction, and are happy to work with builders and interior design companies as well as homeowners.

We’d be happy to travel to your home in Dallas or Fort Worth, Texas (or any of the surrounding neighborhoods in the DFW metro area), and discuss the specifics for the frameless glass shower doors you have in mind. Simply call (817) 284-6362 to make an appointment with one of our experienced glass artisans.