What is the lead time for installations?

7 – 10 working days for standard installations.

Do you offer a warranty on your showers?

Yes, we offer a 5 year warranty on the installation of all shower applications. This includes quality workmanship such as proper silicone and functionality of the unit.

What should I use to clean my shower?

Your typical everyday glass cleaner. No harsh chemicals such as those made specifically for tile.

How far will you travel?

We service the Dallas/Fort Worth area and beyond. Typically within a 2 – 3 hour driving distance from Fort Worth.

Do we do automotive glass?


Do you provide free estimates?


Can you recommend a contractor for other work we need done?

Yes, we work with many contractors in different areas and would be happy to recommend someone to you.

What is slumped glass?

Definition: flat, pre-cast glass, such as plate glass, which is heated until it slowly flows or “slumps” into prepared refractory molds. This is the process we use to melt textures and patterns into the glass using our large kiln. Our most popular is our “moon” glass texture.