Decorative Mirrors Customized to the Preferences of Homeowners in Dallas, TX

Decorative Mirrors Dallas TXThe decorative mirrors created by Designer Glass Specialties can add a personalized accent to any home in the Dallas, Texas, area. Our glassworking artisans can create a beautiful mirror in any dimensions that you choose, and then customize its frame in any way that you see fit. Whether you want a minimalistic frame with modern styling or a classic wood frame with ornate carved designs, our team can accommodate your preferences.

When you rely on us for decorative mirrors, it’s not only the frames that you can expect to be customized. Since we’re a highly proficient glassworking studio, our team can also customize the mirror glass itself, allowing for unparalleled detailing and personalization. Here are just some of the options that Dallas, TX, homeowners have found compelling over the years:

  • Etched designs and logos engraved into the mirror’s edges
  • Beveled mirrors with stylish tapering along the borders of the glass pane
  • Floating mirrors that give the impression of levitating by only attaching to the wall along a single point
  • Lighted mirrors with built-in LED panels for improved low-light visibility

And, since Designer Glass Specialties is owned and operated right in the DFW Metro area, we can often complete, deliver, and install your new decorative mirrors within a week of design approval, ensuring that you get your new glass products as soon as possible.

To learn more about the decorative mirrors we can create for homes throughout the Dallas, TX, area, contact Designer Glass Specialties today.