Deluxe Bathroom Vanity Mirrors for Homes in Dallas & Fort Worth, TX, from Designer Glass Specialties

Bathroom Vanity Mirrors Dallas TX | Fort Worth | DFWWhen homeowners in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, need finely crafted bathroom vanity mirrors, they know to turn to the skilled craftsmen and artisans at Designer Glass Specialties. We’re proud to create one-of-a-kind glass designs for homes throughout the DFW Metro area, and we’ll be happy to craft a stunning custom mirror for your vanity. Plus, unlike many other glass studios, Designer Glass Specialties will handle every aspect of your new mirror from the design phase all the way through to its installation, so you won’t have to work with separate designers, fabricators, and contractors.

Our first order of business when you contact us will be to schedule an initial consultation, which will help our glassworkers and designers understand what you’re looking for and what size mirror you need. From there, our team will help you choose from a variety of custom accents and design features that we can incorporate into your mirror. Our bathroom vanity mirrors can be made with:

  • Beveled edges, strips, and corners
  • LED lighting panels
  • Frames made of fine wood species
  • Etched logos, monograms, or insignias
  • Frame molding

As soon as you’ve chosen the options for your mirror, our team will get to work creating it in our glassworking studio. When it’s done, we’ll deliver and install it in your Dallas or Fort Worth, TX, home, a process that typically takes between five to seven days.

To learn more about the bathroom vanity mirrors we create for homes in Dallas, Fort Worth, TX, and other communities throughout the DFW Metro area, contact Designer Glass Specialties today.